Predigtstuhl via Südwestpfeiler with Claus-Dieter

We drove to Mittenwald to catch the 9.30am gondola of the Karwendelbahn up the mountain. A few weeks ago we had started our climb of the Mittenwalder Klettersteig here. This time, we passed the tunnel that leads to the famous Dammkar run and descended toward the Dammkarhütte. This was not easy because we didn't have skies and had to posthole all the way down. At the Dammkarhütte we sorted our gear, left unnecessary stuff at the hut, and at 11am we where walking over to the start of the climb.

The Südwestpfeiler route has 8 pitches up to UIAA grade IV. We started the climb at 11.30am and swing lead it up. The climbing is fun on solid rock, there was an IV+ pitch that was a bit difficult, especially for the follower who had to carry the pack. At 3.30pm we where at the summit, half an hour later we started the descend back to the hut. There we had some food and at 5pm we where on our way back to the car.